Hammers & Nails

Last March at the Epidemic Music Group's "Worlds Longest Concert" I met a lovely and talented musician named Sarah Fazackerley.  After a few months and a couple jams, we decided, along with everyone else who saw us perform, that we would probably make a good duo.  3 months later we have planned to record a live off the floor record with Epidemic Music Groups Kevin Ker.  The show will be to a live studio audience at the legendary Chalet Studios in Claremont, Ontario.

On October 28th, 2017 our newly formed duo, Hammers & Nails will be recording their first ever EP.  We have been working on writing our first 6 original songs and we will be doing 2 of our favourite covers, by artist who inspired us to start this venture.

Sarah is the first person I have performed with that knows what Im going to do.  Her voice is powerful enough to drown mine out, which is also a first for a female singing beside me.  I have a booming loud voice and she does too.  We compliment each other musically and are working on our sound and songs diligently.  

I hope you have the chance to make one of the shows. we will be doing the same show twice as a safety for any problems that we come across during the performance.  We would like two shots at each song and we would like to extend the experience to more than just 30 people

If you are interested in attending our show, please click on one of the options below to claim a spot.  All of the details are provided in the links and you are going to get more than your moneys worth, in art, entertainment, music, experience and love. 

Hammers & Nails - Autumn Audience Album Recording Afternoon (3-5pm)

Hammers & Nails - Autumn Audience Album Recording Evening (5-7pm)

Junction City Music Hall (My Favourite Toronto Venue)

Hey Team!

I have been working on some new tunes and jamming with the band on my originals.  I always love taking away the drums and focusing more on my songs and my singing when the band is with me.  You know how skilled and entertaining the Nik Naks (AKA The Fumblin' Tumbleweeds) are.

I will be sharing the stage with a touring US band called Church Girls, and one of my old friends and rising Canadian songwriters, Melissa Payne.  If you are looking for a bill that has ZERO weak spots, this is the night for you.  Saturday June 17th @ 9pm we open the doors @ Junction City Music Hall (2907 Dundas St West) in the heart of the Junction.  Look for the chalk board sign with our names on it and a little ORANGE door, that leads you to one of Toronto's most amazing live music venues.

If you know me, I play a ton of shows and many of them I click on the auto pilot switch and just go.  Shows when i get to perform my own songs I am far more connected and the artist that i am supposed to be.  Come support, show all these hard working musicians some love.

With Love, Kev

My Youtube Channel!

Hey again, I am back on the blog wagon, as I need you to show me some support and this is a nice passive way for me to get my news out there.  Next step for me is to really vamp up my youtube channel.  I would love to get a little help from you and as I get 1000 views on a video, I will post another one.  This allows you to force my hand in releasing videos by sharing and watching my most recent release.  I have done two songs so far.  "Hold You" and "Bartender" which are available for you to view now!  I will continue to put out original songs and start doing some covers, but this is all on you!  Click on the link below and enjoy BARTENDER!

Ontario Craft Brew Tour (Fall 2017)

Friends, Family and Lovers.  

I have been slowing growing my network of Ontario Craft Breweries.  There is no better place for me to share music with you, than over a flight of artisanal beer.  Usually there are no televisions on in these places, its about the beer, the experience, the music.  I have had some of my most memorable shows and moments at these Ontario Craft Breweries and this fall, Im hoping to take on a big brew tour.

If you have an Ontario Craft Brewery in your small town or city, I would love to hear from you.  If you wanted to see me perform near your home, this might be a great opportunity to finally see the show live.  Let me know in the comments below about your favourite, loca,l small brewery and I will do my best to book a show there.

Here are some of the great breweries who have already welcomed live music into their establishments, and have invited me to perform there.

Steam Whistle, Old Flame, Falcon Brewery, Second Wedge, Market Brewing, Silversmith Brewery, Shacklands Brewing

Some of the breweries on my radar for the fall months are all over the province.  Places like; RainHard Brewing, Junction Craft, Bandit Brewery, Halo Brewery, Manantler Brewing, High Park Brewing Co, Lake of Bays, Left Field Brewing, 5 Paddles Brewing, Barnstormer Brewery, Elora Brewing Company.  There are hundreds more in my sights for the future, but if you have an "in" at any Ontario Craft Brewery, lets connect.


Summer Lovin'

Friends and lovers, its been a long cold winter and I'm so exited to enjoy some sunshine this summer.  The season is nearly all booked up with weddings, patio parties, festivals and fairs.  I wanted to do a quick post to highlight some of the cool shows I have booked for the SUMMER!

The Painted Lady with Hudson Hogarth

Wednesday May 24th @ 9pm

One of Toronto's most intimate live music venues, come by and support live and local music.  I will be opening up with a set of original songs with my Farmer Foot Drum and acoustic guitar.  The door will be $10 and this goes to the musicians to help them eat food.  We starve! Support!

MoMo Mondays (The Supermarket)

Monday May 29th @ 7pm (Tickets)

Put story-telling into a blender. Add a dash of personal growth & transformation. Then drop in a load of laughs. Mix in real, live music, and great conversation with some of the nicest people on the planet, then push the ‘high’ setting… and out comes momondays®!
Think of momondays as a variety show bouncing off the walls of personal story-telling...

Junction City Music Hall with The Fumblin Tumbleweeds

Saturday June 17th @ 9pm Guest: Melissa Payne Band

My favourite Toronto venue.  I would like to call this place my home base for original shows.  This will be a doozie, Ill be with my band rocking full out original songs and sharing the stage with Melissa Payne and a great band touring in town from south of the border.  Once again the doors will be $10 and all proceeds from the door support the musicians journeys!  Lets do this!

Stay tuned for more information on the festivals I will be playing this summer.  I'll get another blog post up and newsletter out with that information soon.  Thanks for the support, catch me if you can!

Upcoming Shows!

Hey Guys,

Hit up my Tour/Shows page to see all my events but i wanted to point out my show at Artloft 1254 in and Junction Art Crossing in April.  Also Ill be rocking out on Good Friday @ The Local Pub on Roncey and Junction City Music Hall on April 19th.  Would love to see you at one of these awesome shows.  Shoot me a line if your looking for a summer booking!

Junction Art Crossing Inaugural Event!

This could be the most important show to me that I have ever had.  I will be sharing the stage with Frank Ryan and Kalyna Rakel, two of Toronto's premier singer/songwriters.  Not only am I performing but I am co-hosting this event with a Toronto Visual Artist, Mel Coleman.  The event is all day long with Artisan Crafters in the day and then an art show, then the night is capped off with the music portion.  All along we will be offering tastings of Junction Craft beer, wine and Whiskey from the Toronto Whiskey Distillery.  Tickets are $20, which will include two free drinks and admission to one of the coolest, most intimate shows in the city.  Space is limited but this is a premier event.  

I will be sharing some of my newest songs that I wrote in August 2016, fresh off the press.  Come enjoy stories, songs and booze with all good people. 

11am - 5pm - Artisan Crafter Show (FREE)

7pm - Midnight - Art Show, Poetry Reading, Comedy, & Music. (TICKETS $20)

Kevin Foster Live @ Atlas Studios

After a long journey in my personal life and musical life, I have finally released more music.   the lost songs was a demo like release in October of 2014.  I am now back with a live record of 8 songs that I have written over the last 8-12months.  I look forward to recording all of these songs in full production.  If you would like to hear the bare bones, uncut, raw versions of my songs before full production is done, please feel free to stream the album on any of your favourite online services like Spotify.  You can also purchase the album on any electronic retailer including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Google Play

If you would like to share in the CD Release Experience with me, the official party and release will be @ Junction City Music Hall with my friends Tiger Moon and Nick Teehan so mark it in your Calendar Now!  For more information visit my Facebook Page and I will have links to the event page.  I will have 8 special edition prints of the album artwork for sale with a copy of the album for $30.   These prints are numbered and signed by local Toronto artist Mel Coleman.  Check out Mel's Instagram and webpage to view more of her spectacular and diverse art work.

Connect with me on Snapchat to check out more of my journey and inside views of my band rehearsals.  Yes! The "One-Man-Band" is going to be giving up some of the stage to 4 great musicians on July 16th @ the CD Release.  FULL BAND SHOW!  Be ready as we are having a great videographer joining us to film the entire set.  

I am more than elated at the support I have received from everyone.  Thank you so much, and I have not been able to connect with a number of my friends, just know, Im working on my one passion and I will see you soon as things work out for me.  Cant stop!

With Love