Do What You Love...

Its a struggle, its an anxiety attack and its something that will strengthen your soul.  Chasing your dreams is something everyone talks about but few people actually do.  You see it most in people who are world travellers who really grab the bull by the horns., Than there are the other dream chasers who have a skewed view of success and/or passion.  You know those people who have one foot in the limo before the first show is even booked, they see themselves in the neon lights before they have done 200 shows a year.  Yeah.  That.  Lastly, there is the complainer.  The one who consistently whines about how hard it is to make a career in music or entertainment.  If all of that "end of the world" energy was put into working hard and being motivated, than said person would be further ahead.


I have spent the last 6 months trying to light a fire under the asses of various artist, writers, musicians and so forth.  I want to be surrounded by people who love what they do and do what they love.  Passionate people with nothing on their mind but success in a field (the arts) that acts as a graveyard for so many artists.  Crushing souls, and passions, and dreams.

This is motivational blog for all of you out there.  There is nothing like running your very own circus.  You are the ringleader, you own all the monkeys and schedule the elephants.  Speaking of which, do they still send circus's around?  Anyway, I want to get into something most of you won't consider when looking at your life.  You are probably going to fail at something you don't like to do.  So its important to do something you love to do.  I have been lucky enough to learn this lesson, though through a tough situation of losing my job.  Once I was let go from my job because my boss wasn't doing her job properly and soaking up the sun in Mexico for 3 months, it forced me to make money quickly.  I realized I wasn't going to do that under someone else's watch, and especially someone who could "let me go" when the shit rolls down hill.   I found myself putting together a live show and putting myself out there to make some money with my guitar.  2.5 years later, I am basically a self sustaining musician.  Some might call it a professional, but that scares me.  I found my niche, I honed my skills and I feel better then ever about "work"

Phase two of my "Own Your Own Circus" movement is the new Podcast that i have just launched with a friend.  I have been listening avidly to podcasts for well over 5 years now and have been informed, motivated and inspired by so many people in this new sphere of radio or media.  My support for the people doing the podcasting (i.e.: the podcasters) is like a friendship.  I think I would like to share all my rants, thoughts and jokes with people and form another small business.  Something I love, something I could fail at miserably, but at least Im not failing at cleaning area's in northern Ontario.  Put it all on the table for something you love, Im not in podcasting to become Joe Rogan, and Im not in music to become Taylor Swift (although both would be awesome) I am doing this because I like to do it, and if I can make some money at it I will be a happier man then any rich Wall Street prick who hates his life and job.

Here are a few links to the podcasts that inspired me to start my own.

Co-Main Event Podcast

The Last Gentlemen Podcast

Its Weird For Everyone


Finally, here are links to my new podcast and webpage, I hope you take a moment to check it out, and like with anything...if you are not interested in the podcast just share it with someone you think might be interested in the content.  We can't cater to everyone, but we can share content that might be fitting for our friends and family.  

Say Uncle, Frank - Website - iTunes - Stitcher - Youtube

Kevin Foster The Lost Songs EP - Website - iTunes - Youtube

Please feel free to share your new projects, goals and passions in the comments section below.  Lets open a discussion and motivate each other.