My New Podcast: "Say Uncle, Frank"


I have been a long time podcast supporter and listener.  Nearly exclusively apart from some casual music that I listen to.  Finally after listening for 4 years to various podcasts, I have decided (with a friend) to start a podcast myself.  Hopefully this will help to feed my love of podcasts and maybe entertain some people out there willing to check it out.  Let me tell you a little more about it so you can get involved.

Say Uncle, Frank: Music, MMA, Lifestyle, Survival, Canada and everything in between. An hour every week of conversation between two middle-aged, country living men. A rational view from the irrational, an uppercut from the darkness, an education from the uneducated.  SAY UNCLE, FRANK.


Sly Boston - writer, philosopher, musician, martial artist, and questionalbly "the most interesting man in the universe"

Kevin Foster - Singer, Songwriter, sports fan, Internet abuser, entrepreneur and used car salesman. 

Now I know the name is a little confusing, but if it were grammatically correct it should read; "Say Uncle, Frankly" however, we thought uncle frank sounded cooler and we also consider Frank Fretitta.   We all know that "Say Uncle" is the universal term for tapping out.  You know when you get the kid in a head lock in the schoolyard?  So all together, we are Say Uncle, Frank.  

Show Segments

Show Introduction: is exactly what it's called.  We break down the hour ahead and welcome you with a song as we dive into the second segment with a Canadian Independent Musician.  This allows the listener to hear some new music they may not normally hear, and helps the artists too!  Submit your music to our podcast by clicking here - Submit Music


Say Uncle: our thoughts and banter surrounding combat sports.  We generally speak about MMA and mostly the UFC but we do dabble in some other sports, and definitely some of the other organization like Bellator, WOSF, and more.  Sly is an MMA writer and journalist with a great background in the sport.  Kevin brings a fans point of view with less knowledge but much respect for the sport.  The future holds great interviews with mainstays in the sphere that is MMA.  I invite anyone who loves the sport of Mixed Martial Arts to subscribe and enjoy our blabber.

Getting Frank: A little more of an open segment.  We generally talk about interesting Canadian news stories, politics, our personal interests and endeavours.  

Get Money: Disclaimer, we do not endorse anything we say.  Half the time I don't even know what Im talking about. Haha.  No Sly has had a successful past in the gambling game surrounding mixed martial arts.  He helps me understand and break down some fights and how to make a little extra money in the betting world.

Pony Express: Twitter, Email, and Messenger pigeon questions from friends and fans.  We want to interact with the listener and there is no better way then reading their questions and queries on the show and opening some dialogue.  Please send any and all banter to @SlyBoston and @KevDFoster on twitter or just #Hashtag #SayUncleFrank and we will get your question on the show.

The Finish: Close out the show and shout out to some of our friends, fav podcasts, company and maybe even some sponsors who we are looking to work with as Say Uncle, Frank Grows.  If you are interested in sponsoring the show, or advertising with us, please email us anytime