My First Endorsement: Farmer Foot Drums

Im not a famous musician, and Im not rich from music with a huge resume.  One thing I can claim...I work very hard to book shows, stay on top of my website, blog, twitter, other social accounts and I just started a podcast with a friend.  It's a lot to take on and be organized.  What I found is an amazing family owed company in Cedar, Michigan!  Farmer Foot Drums is has some of the most innovative, hand crafted, artisan foot drums I have ever seen.  We are talking about a group of people that take price in their products.  This to me is shopping local.  Most of the garbage out there is all made in china where they exploit the environment and employees.

Katie and Pete have been so friendly, and accommodating.  When I reached out interested in partnering and explaining how I admire the products, they immediately checked out my webpage and show dates.  When they saw that I play between 150 and 200 times a year, they were interested in working together.  Below is a small bio about the wonderful couple that is Pete and Kate!  Please check out their webpage for the full story and full line of products.

I have ordered a pair of the downbeat pedals to accommodate my suitcase kick drum and really enhance my one-man-band show.  These babies come with awesome grips on the bottom, and my most favourite thing of all time...they use earth magnets to repel the pedal instead of chains and working parts that break!  This is the innovation I am talking about and I can't wait to feel this under my little feet.  As many of you may have read in a previous blog, I have taken the time to try and build my own versions of the Farmer Downbeat Pedals which worked great but were very bulky and have way to many moving parts that I am always going to be repairing and replacing.  These beauties from Farmer Foot Drums are super compact, and light to fit inside my suitcase kick drum for easy travel.  They also look slick!  Super stoked!  The moment I have a good video and sound setup, I will be performing a few songs with my new DownBeat Pedals and putting some videos up on youtube to show you how awesome these babies are.  Stay tuned and subscribe to my youtube channel to get the video first!  

Quickly, I will mention they have a really sweet StompDrum that I will be saving up for, and ultimately, in good time I would like to get the most tremendously innovative FootDrum Kit.  This is a full set of drums, completely playable by your heels and toes!  Its absolutely stunning and sounds amazing.  There are a number of videos on the Farmer Foot Drums Site to listen to this powerful tool.