An Old Song...The Ballad Of Wally Dollbank

Here is an old song I wrote with a previous band. Hope you enjoy the story behind it.

He started out, waving his thumb,

After saying goodbye to his mum,
She kissed his head and she showed him love,
Even tho that she thought he was dumb,
Its not a hell bound trip or walk down paradise lane,
(But) The first care stopped, Moms jaw dropped,
he threw his bag in the back of the truck
He’s on his way-HEY- HEY

Sorry he left you, there’s nothing you can do
He’s chasin’ his dreams and, makin’ em’ come tru
Sorry he left you, there’s nothing you can do
He’s on his way, So just wave

There she was, outta the dust,
Caught her walking away from the bus
She slowed right down, She turned and looked at him
As he tried to explain where he’d been
Conscious eyes cant see, what I tell you to be the truth
I left my home, I had to go
The people there, well they had no soul
My whole life long, they taught me wrong
The TV lies from the dusk till the dawn
He’s had enough

He Makes his way passed the guard
thru the doors where the live feed goes,
He’s stealin’ the feed to do his did
and plant the seed to to change the way things go
Don’t watch the tube, eat fast food,
take their drugs that can change your mood
Live your life realize its not the things you have that make you tru

They locked him up, shakeled in chains,
They made him look like he’d gone insane
They put him away-HEY-HEY