Songwriting for money. What's your market?

I know this is about songwriting and you’ll notice I tend to get a little off topic. Regardless, upon starting your songwriting career there are a few choices to make and legwork to preform.

1. What is your market?
2. Who are u shopping ur music too?
3. Are you prepared to shop music?
4. How do you figure all this out?

My personal goals may be different from yours. So, everyone who is in a band or is an artist may want to find a “band blog” or something for publicizing and marketing your music. As a songwriter, you are going to have a specific niche, or strong point in your skills. Weather it be a genre, style, or technique, you need to market to (and write for) a specific demographic. Use what your good at to help determine this market. And always remember. Females buy records, that’s just the statistics speaking.

Songwriters shop to numerous different companies and a few of them include.

-Music Libraries
-TV & Film

All of which are not going to be looking on myspace for a new band. Or a singer songwriter. (PS myspace needs to take a long hard look in the mirror).  Also these companies will vary in their ability to work with you or accept music. Some companies ONLY accept solicited music, meaning that you will need to be recommended to them by a specific source. (if I knew what that source was, I would tell you).  All of the three categories from which you may be interested in writing for will have hundreds of companies across the world looking for music. The market is there, the real question is how hard are you willing to work, how much “LEGWORK” are you willing to do to get a piece of that pie.

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Mucho Gracious