Co-Writing, Networking, and Sharing the Experience

Two heads are better then one, but 4 heads can lose communication if your not all on the same page.

I personally have started working with ONE other writer who I work with very well. We both agreed to terms of all the songs we write, and we both put forth the same amount of effort, material, and passion. I will say, unless your a modern day Beethoven it’s good to have some input from a co-writer who “gets” what your going for. A very important note. Make sure before you write any songs together or lump your libraries into one, that all of the writing credits and terms are worked out clearly, on paper, signed by all parties. AND, stay truthful, loyal and faithful to that agreement and contract. It’s more about good music and longevity then it is about making a quick dollar.

Music is the universal language and to connect on a level that strikes listeners, all parties will have to believe in the song, the story, and the music. Resonating with listeners is also easier when you have more then one writer in on a song. They have ideas that reach demographics you don’t, and visa-versa.

Look for someone who is dedicated and easy to work with. You had better both be on the same page, and that usually doesn’t happen the first few people you meet. Keep looking, there will be a ying to your yang out there. (I sound like a dating councillor)


Oh I never mention this but comments are happily accepted. I would love to hear all of your thoughts.

Farewell for now, until next time.