Get Your Music On TV, Movies, Internet Media

After only 3 years with a twitter account and a the same with a LinkedIn account, I found my networking database grow with music industry folks and TV/Film supervisors. First off, I would like to mention that all of the connections that I have personally connected with have been more then gracious with critiques and information. I had the impression or pre-judgment that everyone in this field was so busy and over shopped to, that they didn’t have or make time for the noobies. I stand corrected.

Few things I learned this week. I previously thought that long intros and quirky, un-descriptive lyrics (general, ambiguous songs) were not friendly for media. Again. I stand corrected! (thank goodness I’m wrong about all these things eh?) Spacious vocals, that are non-descriptive leave room for the dialect of the script. If the song is blabbing on-and-on vocally, there is no room for the actors to speak. You better have a killer song for the opening of the movie, or the montage, or the closing credits (less likely for us indie folks) this slot usually goes to a big artists or hip band/song. It helps to market the movie and the soundtrack and the artist.

Next best thing that I learned, was that your stuff needs to be ready for the radio/movie or whatever media it’s going to be placed in or licensed to. These publishers and music supervisors are under such a tight schedule it’s a rarity that they have the time or the budget to re-record your song. Basically there are no such thing as demos anymore when placing songs in TV/Film or advertising.

Now for you ladies and fellas who just play your guitar, or piano and write the lyrics/vocal melody to record on your iPhone or quickly into your MacBook, there is life in the songwriting world for you too. You might want to look into promoting your music to Artist Development Agents or Record Labels. They are the big wigs looking to put together an album of songs for their new and “hip” artist. They also have the resources and budget to have YOUR song recorded in a big studio.

Either way, there are plenty of avenues to generate revenue as a songwriter and I hope this helped you understand a few more things.

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Signing off for now,