Lyrical Content for Radio Friendly Songs


Here I am learning the ropes and pretending to post a blog for people to read and learn from. I guess you share the information you pick up as you go…

The one thing I have had much practice at over the last ten or so years is writing vocal melodies and the lyrics to go along with them. Phrasing the words to fit into the melody, or creating a melody around lyrics you already have written are two great ways to go about your lead vocal line. I happen to mainly use the first (fit the words into the melody) since it helps the song flow a little better. Any way you do it is great! From experience I dont find it AS efficient to write the lyrics and then compose the melody. Many greats do it write the lyrics first and one of my favourites is Anthony Kiedis (RHCP).

A Few points that I like to keep in mind when writing the lyrics & melody of a new song are;

1. Keep the words your using regular everyday words, but stay away from the cliche lyrics that have been used over and over again. Use the same premise of that lyrics but change up the words, syncopation or phrasing so its original. For example… Instead of saying “you and I were mean to be” try something like “place my life in your heart”. Ok that was not a great example, but I hope you understand what getting at.

2. Concise, descriptive lyrics usually bite deep. Relate your everyday life to that of the characters, since this will add realism and meaning to the lyrics.  Believability is always a huge factor for me as a LISTENER. So, when I’m telling my story, I need to make it believable, and I need to believe it myself. Just remember, the song is usually around three-four minutes in length, so you don’t have much time to tell your story. Be clear, through your verses and really drive it home with the chorus.

3. It’s all about what the majority of the population will resonate with. Connect and engage your listener through lyric and melody.


Signing out for now… Kev