Showing Some Passion in Your Songs

I hope this keeps up, usually I dont have extra time to just blog away.  I guess I’m making time.  This is what you should be doing on a daily basis for songwriting, “MAKING TIME.”  

It can also be called time management, but this is a skill that you have to use for any business and its no different here.  If your passionate about music, songs, and YOUR original stuff, then it shouldn’t be about making time.  You will need to find time to do other things if your as passionate as some writers out there.

Think of it this way, Michael Jordan wasn’t trying to find extra time to shoot free-throws.  We are talking about the best basketball player in the history of time (up until now anyway).  This guy needed someone to pull him away from the hoop, and he would still be sneaking back out to shoot again when no one was looking.  Same goes for music.  If you want to be writing songs for a living, its a competitive and lucrative career. Not everyone will get that chance, but the passionate artists don’t try so hard in the competition aspect, it just comes naturally.  They are more competitive by nature about fulfilling their dreams.

There are many artists our there who are driven and passionate about their work but don’t care to “make it big-time”.  They are completely happy just writing and playing their music to themselves and have no desire to broadcast their messages.  THIS IS FINE!  No one ever said you have to push for the top just because you enjoy something. Write songs, have fun, learn new things and keep the music/love flowing.

Here a couple of my thoughts on how passion can effect the music you write and in turn, create the success you may or even may not desire.

Kevin Foster's Live Show Set-Up.

Kevin Foster's Live Show Set-Up.

1. Mean what you say, say what you mean - The song only has as much feeling come out to the listeners as you put in as an artist.  Think about this every single time you sit down to write a song.  IF your trying to write a song about something you haven’t personally experienced, you have to walk a day in those shoes, and feel what that person would feel for the song to resonate with your listeners.

2. Your not the only one who feels that way - nine times out of time there is some music lover out there feeling the same way you were when writing your song.  Make the song personal, but at the same time you want your listener to connect and say; “Yeah, if feel the same way” or better yet “This song is my life story!”  Of course this is a daunting tasking and you wont get that connection with all your listeners, but there is someone out there who is going through that same experience or had that same thought.  So, basically Im trying to say that your gut instincts are good, and to go with what you feel.

3. Honesty is the best policy - is this holds true to songwriting.  If your trying to write a song about living the hard life in the middle of the low-income housing unit, but you live in a two storey house in the suburbs, its probably not going to sound “real” to the listener.  Don’t be offended when someone tells you it sounds “cheesy” or fake.  Trying to fool a large demographic into thinking your writing about their life issues doesnt resonate well.  There are times when you are writing or co-writing with another artist and you may need rely on their personal experience with your songwriting techniques.

4. Pour your heart out - love songs, dance songs, pop songs, or any song.  You have put your heart and soul into the project or artwork to get the results most artists strive for.  Every good songwriter knows the best songs are the ones that pour out of you in a matter of minutes.  I’m telling you, they at that very point are “pouring their heart out” and into the song.  

Overall, I suggest you be real with yourself and your songs.  Be passionate and driven, and pour your heart and soul into every piece you compose.  I can see this bringing on overwhelming success.

Thanks for swinging by…