Doc Kazoo - AsWeGo Kazoo Factory: Review


Recently received a tidy little box from Florida stuffed with shredded sale flyers and news papers.  I dug my hands in and pulled out a group little items that were neatly packed within the protective paper shreds.  Out came the most beautifully smooth, shaped piece cedar I have ever seen!  When I finally had a chance to give it a blow the range on this thing was out of this world!  I can easily hit all the lowest notes and all the highest notes in the Righteous Brothers version of Unchained Melody which has an extremely wide range.  This little beauty didn't squawk squeak or snuff out it growled through all the little notes and didn't peak even when I falsetto'd my voice into it.  I was more then impressed, I knew it would be great, but this is epic. After playing the 1-2 dollar plastic kazoos, the leap in quality of sound is astronomical. 

One of the greatest parts about ordering from the AsWeGo Kazoo Factory, the Doc keeps you up to date on the manufacture of your kazoo.  He even put up a little YouTube video of him working on my kazoo and doing a sound test.  Addressing the video to me and making me feel like a very special customer.  Doc does this for every customer, because he understands that each customer is very special to him.  I feel honoured to support a true folk artisan and I am writing this blog to commend him on his business and promote his service and products to YOU!

Not only did I get my fancy hand made kazoo, but Doc sent me additional skins and wax to take care and maintain my new piece.  The great Doc Kazoo even threw in a sticker and business card!  Of course the sticker went directly on to one of my guitar cases, in a special and visable spot!  (Proud AsWeGo Kazoo owner, right here).

Look there's not much more I can say about a kazoo, all I can say is this is the absolute best kazoo that has ever been made, I love it!

Thanks Doc Kazoo, signing off,