My Favourite Music/Musician Podcasts

iTunes is my go-to platform for all my podcasts.

iTunes is my go-to platform for all my podcasts.

It's time I give you a run down of my Favourite "audio blogs" better known as the podcasts!  I spend most of my day with my "selective talk radio" on and it includes a number of musician friendly podcasts I thought i would share with you!  Easier then reading!

1. Musicians Path Podcast! - This is probably bias, but this podcasts is done by a single fellow, a musician, teacher, and entrepreneur, Chris Eakins.  Chris is an old friend of mine and his podcast is based out of the Greater Toronto Area which hits close to home with me.  He interviews interesting artists, writers, instructors, and music start-ups.  Each interview has some basic questions, but most of them flow fairly naturally.  It's a great way to get insight into all the various path's that musicians can take to achieve success (as defined by the artist themselves). If you visit the website there will be links to each of the episodes or you can check it out on Stitcher, or iTunes.  One interesting not about this podcast;  Chris is a music educator and he has a number of music teachers on the podcast sharing their stories.  If you would like to check out Chris's online lessons please visit  The podcast is website is .  Also, I think I was on episode number 8 talking about my cover gigs and making some money playing other peoples songs.  Check it out.

2. Seeds of Music - a personalble connection with each guest, Kyle is interviewing musicians who make a living from their music, full time!  I listen to the audio only version of the podcast on iTunes, however I believe you can check out the video versions of the interviews through his website.  Here is Kyle's very own description of his podcast/webshow - "Seeds of Music is a weekly interview-based web show, resource, and community that I created because I believe that all musicians, including you, are capable of learning how to grow a bigger fan-base and make more music-based income. And all this can be done without a major label’s help."  

3. The Crewlab Podcast - Recently started listening to this little podcast and it seems to be great.  Similar to the previous two podcasts but looking further into marketing and promotions for artists.  Alan and Mike are finding some interesting people to chat with.  Event organizers, publishers, music libraries, booking agents, promotional companies all come to the podcast with something a little different to share with you as a "struggling" musician.  Check out the website and there are links to subscribe on all your favourite podcast platforms.

4. Who Stole What? - Short, sweet and entertaining.  This one is a pair of brothers (musicians, vocalists, songwriters) who look at all the different songs, hooks and melodies that have been ripped off, stolen or as some would say "borrowed".  Facinating to see some of the top artists out there who come up on each episode.  Its a short one, generally 10-20mins in length and covers a single artist or song.  They love suggestions and have ruined a ton of musicians legacies for me.  The show motto is "Good artists borrow, GREAT artists steal"  Which is obviously a super sarcastic thing to say and makes me laugh every time they say it.  These guys are not so indie anymore and so I am going to let you search for this podcast, rather then providing a link that wouldn't help them in the slightest anyway.  Check it out though, I like it.

5. Off the Record Podcast - "Music, music tech, and the music industry. Hosted by Jesse Cannon and Zack Zarrillo."  I have just started with this one, but it seems to be another goodie!  They go into some personal topics and things like; spending money on vinyl, earplugs, gorilla marketing, good music recordings and a whole heap more.  You can find the podcasts on iTunes or check out the website where they use SoundCloud -

Some honorable mentions go out to the following podcasts which I tune into here and there.

aBabe Music Podcast - Toronto Based label promoting their shows and artists from the area.

Five Gallon Podcast - More music marketing.

The Music Biz Workshop Podcast - Music workshop podcast.

Have a great week and check back soon for my next blog entry!  Oh and comment below if you think I should check out some podcasts.  If you host a podcast, please comment below so I can check it out!  

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