Songwriters Camp 2014 (Eaglewood)


Connors Music along with the Eaglewood festival/campground hosted a super event for young songwriters looking to hone their craft.  

If you have ever been to Eaglewood, you know how amazing and inspiring the grounds are especially for an artist.  A small horse farm, ponds, gazebos, trails, nature and many stages throughout, it's the perfect spot to bring out the inner artist or in this case songwriter.  It's a retreat, and I wish that I had participated in something if this nature in my early songwriting years.  


To my delight, a very respectful and attentive group of late-teens gathered under a cozy gazebo on a warm Tuesday evening.  Guitars, banjos and instruments within an arms length as if it were their smartphone, the group quietly listened as I closed my eyes and shared a few songs.  I tried to break the ice with an emotional song that is on my upcoming release called Changes.  A song that each student could relate to, since the story of the song is leaving your high school comfort zone and heading to college or other endeavours.  After each song I would stop and look up to a group of faces waiting to hear the story behind my song.  Slowly some of the group started asking questions and we discussed various aspects of songwriting. 

I did a brief overview of SOCAN and PRO's along with songwriting credits and my small bit of knowledge about royalties and songwriting credits.  I shared a few more songs, some funny, some serious, some fast, some slow.  I really tried to emphasize diversity, which is tough since a single songwriter working alone can fall into some very specific patterns.  I am definitely not a  great example as I think a ton of my songs sound similar, however that is going to happen.

Tell the story behind the songs I write is something I feel is very important as an artist.  My lyrics are usually pretty clear with some room for interpretation, but I loved giving a solid introduction to the song, and the writing process.  It exposes you as an artist a little more, making you a little more vulnerable, I liked that.  I think it helped with connecting to the campers as I was trying to explain how songwriting is about connecting with the listener.  Sometimes its nice as an artist to be able to introduce your song and give some context to the story your about to tell!

Before I knew it, I was looking at my clock and I had been yapping my brains out for nearly an hour and a half.  I passed out cards to all the campers to come check the blog out and reach out to me if they had any questions.  Hopefully they all connect and send me links to their music!  

Check back soon and I will try to have links up for each of the songwriters.  Only, if they want their music links posted on the blog here (and you are reading this right now #SWR2014) please leave a comment below or find me on Facebook/twitter to send me your link!  

Eaglewood Folk Festival (Pefferlaw)

Connors Music (Keswick)

Check back soon for my next experience, or blog! Signing off for now!