(Recycled Material Clothing)

Dudes and dudettes that are into fashion or just ethical companies I found a rad new Canadian Company you might be interested in checking out.  You probably know most of the brand named clothing lines you sport, have some shady practices.  Solution, don't buy cheap brand name clothes exploiting the environment, and it's employees (AKA: slaves).  


I have been looking around for small ethical companies and artisans to support along my road as a musician.  Luthiers, handcrafted kazoos, family owned percussion companies, small independent studios and recording engineers and now...Canadian, hand-made, recycled-material clothing!  Yes you got it, men's and women's clothes.  I have reached out and teamed up with to form an alliance.  I want to support, endorse and purchase local, passionate business, and FourTwenty Friendly is one of those companies. 

"Four Twenty Friendly is a brand born and blazed on Canada's West Coast. We're all about high quality for high times. Inspired by our love of travel, festivals, exploring, surfing, campfires, and road trips, we have created the perfect clothing for an adventurous lifestyle."  

Sounds great doesn't it?  I thought so!  This is just the type of company we need, and we all should be supporting these small businesses.  They keep our economy alive, other then buying and selling each other houses, which seems kinda weird in itself.  

  • All materials are manufactured from reclaimed fibres.
  • All garments are ethically hand made in Vancouver, BC.
  • Good for people and the environment!

Four Twenty Friendly are searching for opportunities to collaborate with Canadian artists of all types, which is why I have reached out to them and connected to become partners.  Like myself (as I mentioned above) the team at FourTwenty Friendly value domestic craftsmanship, and feel strongly about strengthening the local artistic economy.

If you want to check in with them to place an order or ask any questions, of course you can visit their website, or hit them up directly at any of the links I have provided here below!

Thanks for checking out my blog, and thanks for checking out Four Twenty Friendly apparel!