Becoming a Twitter Boss; lists, search, and productivity!

With millions of users, Twitter is obviously a massive community.  We all know that you need to have a huge social media presence if you're going to be an independent musician.  Hopefully this blog can help outline some of the critical tools that Twitter offers.  This will allow you to use twitter to it's maximum potential not just as a selfie, hashtag, blabber bot. 

Mobile twitter apps that I use regularly. 

Mobile twitter apps that I use regularly. 

Twitter Lists:

Before I say anything about lists, the most important part (trust me) is selecting proper list catagories, and doing this right from the start. It's not fun to change or consolidate your lists down the line when you have already established them. 

The first tool I'm going to give you a black belt in, are lists.  These are absolutely amazing for organising large groups of people into individual streams.  As a musician you may wish to start lists such as; festivals, venues, music supervisors, record labels, media outlets, podcasts, and fellow musicians.  These are some of the private lists I have put together which help keep track of my options, and not miss out on important tweets.  

I have also broken down many of the small cities around my area into individual Twitter list.  Anyone in the cities that share their location I add to these lists and then I know I have a small demographic specific to that area when I book a gig there.  This is valuable when it comes time to play a gig I will mention some of the people in the area ask what they're doing see if they like to come to get some live music!  This works the same for searching the city name and saving the search.  We'll get in the searching on Twitter little later on this blog. 

Many of the twitter apps on the market allow you to use tons of lists options,  I like Tweetbot which allows me to view each of my lists as separate streams.  Another great app for organizing your lists on the regular is Twlist.  I find this app a fast way to add or remove people from your lists or consolidate lists as you move forward (which can be daunting as I mentioned above).


 Productive Twitter Search 

Tweetbot's search page which is completely customizable.

Tweetbot's search page which is completely customizable.

It's always best to fool around with the search to get the advanced settings right for you.  I know it's troublesome for me when I get 50% Arabic or Hebrew tweets when I search.  You can work with some of the settings on twitter to block these tweets from showing up in your search.  Use search to find interesting people, venues, festivals, and media outlets which will all help you grow your network and ultimately your music business.  

If you want to start to do location based searches you will need to input the search query "Open Mic Tonight" followed by "near: Toronto" to search in that specific location or city.  So once again your search can be customized and help out when trying to grow your network on twitter.  After you have nailed down an awesome search that brings up exactly what you're looking for you can easily save this search for future results.  I find this extremely valuable when looking for venues or open mic on an ongoing basis. I can just click on the old search and bring up new results again and again!  Just as a side note, Twlist will also include your saves searches in the app for easy reference.  Many of the third-party Twitter applications in the App Store will  offer you trends, nearby tweets and sync up your saved searches along with some other advanced options.

Some other cool mobile apps you might like to look into are BirdBrain, Twittelator, and Buffer. I use Buffer and BirdBrain quite often; scheduling posts and monitoring followers.  Twittelator uses a mapping option for nearby tweets which is great to engage with fans in a perspective area.  Feel free to explore your app store on the computer and/or on your mobile device/tablet.  

Desktop Applications

I really like the streams view of Tweetbot again, but for the low cost of free, you can also look into getting TweetDeck which does almost all of the same things as the $20 tweetbot desktop application.  There are apps for sharing your music and of course if you are using anything made by Apple, there is software integration for tweeting.  No matter what apps you use, try to maximize your reach follow lists and searches to get the most out of your follows/streams!


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