Finding a Producer/Engineer That's Right for YOU!

The last decade has been a whirlwind of mistakes, and victories in my music career.  The ups and downs of a career in the arts is quite a ride.  Finally I am about to release my first solo EP which might actually be something I feel proud of.  I will be honest and say that all of my previous recordings have never worked out as i envisioned, when I wrote the songs.  Winging things on the go, and bouncing around from studio to studio working with people who are not on the same page just didn't really work out.  This time around, I did do some work at two different places but with some organization involved. 

Step one was getting into a space with proper acoustics, and high end "input" gear.  A good mic, preamp, and maybe some quality compressors and things.  I paid to sit down and record all of my acoustic guitar, vocals and percussion.  After I had everything done for each song I bounced out the tracks and sent them to my second stop on the recording road.  The next step is the one I have been missing for a number of years.  Finding the proper production and mix to make it sound "radio ready" whatever that means.  I wanted to have something I could be proud of, something that was a little more professional then garage demos.

After chatting with a friend (who is also a producer, engineer and musician himself) I found a commonality in our vision.  We both like good music, but we both want to have popular music and radio friendly content.  He understood the sound and the market I was going for which was a huge part in why I ended up working with him.  As far as his previous projects, lets just say he has had some radio play and writes or has written for some pretty big artists. After I sent the tracks over, everything aligned nicely on the grid and with a day of full drums and bass production we had something I could get behind.  About a week ago, I was over at his studio checking out and approving some final mixes prior to mastering and I was blown away.  This guy nailed the sound and made the songs pop like i have never had before.  Exceeding my expectation I am elated to say I have found the producer for me.  My next project will be a little more organized and probably come out a little more smooth since I will have a better idea of how to work things.

You may have had a problem getting "that sound" for your recordings.  I highly recommend taking your time and finding someone who not only supports you, but has the same vision for your final project.  Its like trying to do a painting with multiple people.  Some will paint in harmony with one and other, and some will never share the same vision.  Its all subjective and its not offensive to have a different opinion or taste then someone else.  Get on the right track and move around to find your sound!

On a more personal note, I think my music should be coming out this week, its going to depend on a few moving parts falling into place and I have already set myself up for disappointment with my excitement.  I will be in touch as soon as its available and I hope you enjoy what I have been working so long to complete.

In health,

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