Ontario Craft Brew Tour (Fall 2017)

Friends, Family and Lovers.  

I have been slowing growing my network of Ontario Craft Breweries.  There is no better place for me to share music with you, than over a flight of artisanal beer.  Usually there are no televisions on in these places, its about the beer, the experience, the music.  I have had some of my most memorable shows and moments at these Ontario Craft Breweries and this fall, Im hoping to take on a big brew tour.

If you have an Ontario Craft Brewery in your small town or city, I would love to hear from you.  If you wanted to see me perform near your home, this might be a great opportunity to finally see the show live.  Let me know in the comments below about your favourite, loca,l small brewery and I will do my best to book a show there.

Here are some of the great breweries who have already welcomed live music into their establishments, and have invited me to perform there.

Steam Whistle, Old Flame, Falcon Brewery, Second Wedge, Market Brewing, Silversmith Brewery, Shacklands Brewing

Some of the breweries on my radar for the fall months are all over the province.  Places like; RainHard Brewing, Junction Craft, Bandit Brewery, Halo Brewery, Manantler Brewing, High Park Brewing Co, Lake of Bays, Left Field Brewing, 5 Paddles Brewing, Barnstormer Brewery, Elora Brewing Company.  There are hundreds more in my sights for the future, but if you have an "in" at any Ontario Craft Brewery, lets connect.