Hammers & Nails

Last March at the Epidemic Music Group's "Worlds Longest Concert" I met a lovely and talented musician named Sarah Fazackerley.  After a few months and a couple jams, we decided, along with everyone else who saw us perform, that we would probably make a good duo.  3 months later we have planned to record a live off the floor record with Epidemic Music Groups Kevin Ker.  The show will be to a live studio audience at the legendary Chalet Studios in Claremont, Ontario.

On October 28th, 2017 our newly formed duo, Hammers & Nails will be recording their first ever EP.  We have been working on writing our first 6 original songs and we will be doing 2 of our favourite covers, by artist who inspired us to start this venture.

Sarah is the first person I have performed with that knows what Im going to do.  Her voice is powerful enough to drown mine out, which is also a first for a female singing beside me.  I have a booming loud voice and she does too.  We compliment each other musically and are working on our sound and songs diligently.  

I hope you have the chance to make one of the shows. we will be doing the same show twice as a safety for any problems that we come across during the performance.  We would like two shots at each song and we would like to extend the experience to more than just 30 people

If you are interested in attending our show, please click on one of the options below to claim a spot.  All of the details are provided in the links and you are going to get more than your moneys worth, in art, entertainment, music, experience and love. 

Hammers & Nails - Autumn Audience Album Recording Afternoon (3-5pm)

Hammers & Nails - Autumn Audience Album Recording Evening (5-7pm)