Smokers in the Band? A Vapour Alternative...

I have recently come across a great alternative for smokers that will blow your sox off.  My father, a smoker for over 30 years has given me the 100% thumbs up for Vape Moshi along with a number of friends.  I even had to the chance to chat with the CEO about their goals, its promising.

Here are a few of the many reasons i decided to endorse the Vape Moshi Brand.

Moshi believes that you deserve to know EXACTLY what you’re vaping. Vape Moshi only has 3-4 ingredients in their delicious juices. Propylene Glycol (USP 99.9% Food Grade and Kosher Certified), Vegetable Glycerine (USP 99.5% Food Grade and Kosher/Halal Certified), Flavoring (USP Food Grade Natural and Organic Certified where applicable) and NICOTINE.  Moshi started in 2013 in Toronto for very simple reasons.  They wanted to ensure that the products people were vaping were of the absolute highest quality possible.  With an abundance of products flooding the market and a lack of clear and consistent regulation, this proved to be extremely difficult and worrisome.  To fix this, they decided to make juices from the ground up.
The Vape Moshi Team went about trying every product they could get their hands on to see what was working and what wasn't in the vast world of vaping.  Then they started narrowing things down and really focused in on the products that were the absolute best.  From there, Vape Moshi set about to make good products better.  The first step in this was making sure that every ingredient we used was sourced in North America and was pharmaceutical grade.  From there, we went about testing, and retesting until we got our recipes exactly right, and then tested again just to be sure.  For production, we decided the hard way was the right way, so we did that all in house, in a lab environment to ensure we had maximum control over the finished product.

The Moshi Team is constantly looking for new flavours to play with and encourage as much feedback as possible.  Moshi is a living, breathing thing, and they want the community of vapers to help guide the direction.  To be honest, they have most of the bases covered, but always open to suggestions.

No smoke, smell or tar! - The best your breathe has ever smelled! When you inhale, an “ejuice” filled with flavoring and your desired strength of nicotine is heated. This creates water vapor, with no lingering stench.  The baked goods, fruits, mints, or even tobacco flavours do not leave an unpleasant smell but deliver the desired amount of nicotine you choose.

Clean USP Grade Products - You can expect only USP pharmaceutical or food grade ingredients.  Top of the line, cleanest ingredients possible, two second pulls.  The Industry standard for this measurement is less than 1 second. The HIT brand eCigs are designed so the battery will run out before the flavor so you won’t have to worry about a tasteless experience!

Delivering a good nicotine Hit -  If you’re switching from regular cigarettes – the taste/pull and overall experience is important to you.  My father a 30 year smoker has been making the switch and loving the way these juices can deliver a good dose when he changes up his settings.  They have a few different "tobacco" flavours to help the smoker in your band or family quit tomorrow!

Click on the Moshi Banners to place your order today!  Receive 10% off all orders when you enter the code "SAYUNCLE" at checkout!


The Lost Art of Live Recording

As you may have heard in my interviews or throughout my blog.  I have had a number of years in a household with a musician.  My dad was the bass player in a band called Cheyenne years ago.  They were a touring country band and shared the stage with bands like Prarie Oyster and Blue Rodeo.  I was hanging at my parents place last week and my dad had recently received some old cassette tapes that had been covered to MP3 files for his iTunes.  I recently put this song on our new Podcast, "Say Uncle, Frank" where we have indie musicians submit tunes for us to spin and promote.  

Check out my new EPK!

I had the glorious opportunity of working with a very talented videographer who has supported me since my old days in Earthtone.  Joe Garofalo was nice enough to take time out of his busy day to shoot a short EPK video for me.   I can thank you enough Joe and look forward to doing it again sometime.  It was a great experience and I hope we both learned something.

Do What You Love...

Its a struggle, its an anxiety attack and its something that will strengthen your soul.  Chasing your dreams is something everyone talks about but few people actually do.  You see it most in people who are world travellers who really grab the bull by the horns., Than there are the other dream chasers who have a skewed view of success and/or passion.  You know those people who have one foot in the limo before the first show is even booked, they see themselves in the neon lights before they have done 200 shows a year.  Yeah.  That.  Lastly, there is the complainer.  The one who consistently whines about how hard it is to make a career in music or entertainment.  If all of that "end of the world" energy was put into working hard and being motivated, than said person would be further ahead.

My First Endorsement: Farmer Foot Drums

Im not a famous musician, and Im not rich from music with a huge resume.  One thing I can claim...I work very hard to book shows, stay on top of my website, blog, twitter, other social accounts and I just started a podcast with a friend.  It's a lot to take on and be organized.  What I found is an amazing family owed company in Cedar, Michigan!  Farmer Foot Drums is has some of the most innovative, hand crafted, artisan foot drums I have ever seen.  We are talking about a group of people that take price in their products.  This to me is shopping local.  Most of the garbage out there is all made in china where they exploit the environment and employees.

My New Podcast: "Say Uncle, Frank"

I have been a long time podcast supporter and listener.  Nearly exclusively apart from some casual music that I listen to.  Finally after listening for 4 years to various podcasts, I have decided (with a friend) to start a podcast myself.  Hopefully this will help to feed my love of podcasts and maybe entertain some people out there willing to check it out.  Let me tell you a little more about it so you can get involved.

Say Uncle, Frank: Music, MMA, Lifestyle, Survival, Canada and everything in between. An hour every week of conversation between two middle-aged, country living men. A rational view from the irrational, an uppercut from the darkness, an education from the uneducated.  SAY UNCLE, FRANK.

Suitcase Kick Drum: One-Man-Band Rig!

Suitcase Kick Drum: One-Man-Band Rig!

After a couple of years hauling around a 22" kick drum, and a heavy duty hi-hat with a tambourine and looper and PA, Guitar, etc, etc.  It was getting to be a bit much .  At the same time, Im not a drummer, so having real drums in front of me at a show brings a certain expectation.  I thought it would be better to have something to accompany my guitar and vocals without the size, weight, and footprint of real drums.

Protecting Your Songs & Generating Income Songwriting

A lot can happen to a song after this basic structure is created. You can, for example, create a terrific interpretation of it in your performance. But don't expect songwriting credit for being a great musician. Band members may add fabulous drum beats, swinging bass lines, incredible guitar solos, and beguiling vocal harmonies-but these "arrangements" do not qualify you as a co-writer. As one court stated, "Neither rhythm nor harmony can in itself be the subject of copyright."

My Appearance on The Todd Shapiro Show!

My Appearance on The Todd Shapiro Show!

Yes, I was lucky enough to get a short segment on a stacked show @ Sirius XM.  Todd Shapiro and his awesome team of musicians, comedians and entertainers were some of the most welcoming folks in the industry.  Check out the ToddCast Episode 155 featuring the legendary Donovan Bailey and REND (a great band from Edmonton, Alberta!) along with myself at the end.  

Check it out on iTunes

ToddCast Episode 155

The Lost Songs: Now Available!

Special Thanks to My Indiegogo Supporters.

Special Thanks to My Indiegogo Supporters.

The day has come, the music is out there and ready for you to consume.  Its been almost 8 long years of waiting for a real physical piece of music to come out of my mouth and fingers.  This is an exciting day for me as I have been trying to record for a number of years with no money, no experience and no time.  If you're interested in learning more about my journey, please feel free to reach out and connect via email anytime.  Lastly, I have to thank everyone who contributed to my Indigogo Campaign which helped me tremendously.  Without your belief in me, I don't know how this would have happened.

In the next month, look out for the hard copy, limited edition CD.  Yes, I know that the millennials out there will have no idea what that is, however I think my market is still calling for a CD.   As a special unannounced gift to all of my supporters, I will be mailing out a hard copy of The Lost Songs for each of them to have in their CD wallet.  OF course Im kidding, its a keep sake, or maybe a little something to help clean up when you don't have a dust pan?  You will figure something creative to do with it.  If you are not a supporter and you want to get your hands on one of these super duper limited edition and way to expensive CD's then you can find them in the back of my truck, at one of my shows near you.  Yes, these are so rare, they will only be sold out of my truck or on my website.  The Lost Songs EP could be called a unicorn it will be so hard to find. (Doesn't that drive up the value?)  

If you're not in the market for a Compact Disc, then might you consider visiting your favourite online music retailer and give a little search for "Kevin Foster - The Lost Songs EP" and maybe stream it at a party, or even purchase it for your iTunes Library.  We all know streaming is going to pay me tremendously small micro pennies, so the value is in YOU sharing it with your friends.  If you don't like any of the music on the EP, I hope you could find someone in your rolodex who might enjoy a tune or two and recommend it to them.  I don't expect everyone to love my music, but I do expect that there is someone in you life who might like it, or relate to it.

The Supporters:  as outlined in the EP liner notes.  

TechMuze Podcast (Dezz Asante), Connie Clarke, Jess Switzer, Alex Flint, Maranda Brown, Joseph Garofalo, Charles McGee, Dave & Tracey Foster, Don & Jean Foster, Deirdre Brett, Western Trent Golf Club (Roy & Colleen), Morgan Priester, Richard Mallett, Forward Audio Solutions (Adam Lees), Musicians Path Podcast (Christopher Eakins), Don & Marilyn Carter, Matthew Thompson, Patricia Wietze & Family, Scott Milton.