The Evolution of a One-Man-Band

Kevin began using his feet about 5 years ago, with bulky parts from a small drum kit that he modified to fit his simple percussion needs.  He later found Farmer Foot Drums online, and got a pair of their downbeat pedals that he used with an old suitcase.  Tinkering and modulating the downbeats, Kevin formed a relationship with Farmer Foot Drums owners.  After 4 years touring with his interesting, one-man show, Kevin ordered his custom made Farmer FootDrum Kit!  He plays a nine pedal acoustic drum kit while playing guitar and singing.  Everything Kevin plays is live, no looping.  Kevin might be the only active touring musician in Canada that uses the Farmer Foot Drum


They create beautiful instruments for musicians around the world that spark creativity and deliver musical freedom. The Farmer FootDrum, our flagship instrument, is truly original and the only professional acoustic, portable, foot-played drum kit available. Each one is built in our Michigan shop and shipped directly to customers around the world.

This self-contained drum kit incorporates a snare, hi hats, bass drum, and various additional percussion and performing accessories. The FootDrum is available in three pedal configurations, with additional options available to control the look, sound, and price.