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Kevin's Story

From a young high school athlete to a lost college student, to a songwriter and now a full time performing one-man-band.  Kevin is a living example of hard work, persistence and dedication.  Against all odds, with a late start to his career, he is still pushing to be the best performer and songwriter he can be!  If you are looking for acoustic cocktail hour music, Kevin can entertain any crowd, any wedding, any event!


Kevin began using his feet about 5 years ago, with bulky parts from a small drum kit.  He later found Farmer Foot Drums and got a pair of their downbeat pedals that he used with an old suitcase.  After 4 years touring with his one man show, Kevin ordered his custom made Farmer FootDrum Kit!  He plays a nine pedal acoustic drum kit while playing guitar and singing.  Everything Kevin plays is live, no looping.  A show for people of all ages!

Fumblin' Tumbleweeds

Kevin plays in a full band doing country covers with some of his high school buddies!  Don't be fooled, these guys have a great synergy and one of the most dynamic/entertaining country repertoires in Southern Ontario.  If you're looking for a smokin' hot country band, that might be able to play all  genres if needed, please click the contact button below and book now!

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Custom Live Song Recordings

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Thank your Friend Family or Loved One

Flowers, a card, a dinner date, chocolates have been done a million times.  Kevin is offering a very special product for you.  A custom, live song recording specifically for you.  This recording is a "live-off-the-floor" cover song of yours (or your loved one's) favourite song.  Nothing beats this gift, Kevin has had multiple people do this for valentines, birthdays, mothers/fathers day, Christmas & other occasions with tremendous feedback